Content Creation Service


Your website is a living entity on the internet

Every update made to your website plays an important role in its interaction with visitors, customers, and search engines. A static website without any updated content is often viewed by search engines as stagnant – with no life and nothing new to offer visitors. The more frequently your website is updated with articles and fresh content, the more frequently search engines will index your site – giving you the opportunity to achieve higher search ranking.

The benefit of this service is that we will keep your website up-to-date with fresh content so you can concentrate on running your business. We welcome your suggestions of topics to use such as something good your company or organization has done, new products, a new service, or some news related to your industry. Having quality content on your page helps to drive traffic to the website, can create new leads and interest, and helps with SEO immensely.

Content is one of the most important Google ranking factors. Andrey Lipattsev (Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google)

More content is not the only priority. Quality and relevance is key. A website may be indexed based upon a combination of the number of keywords and incoming links to the site. Each time an update is made to your website, the search engines take notice and re-arranges your site’s ranking as they reassess your page’s position on their indexes. Frequently added new or updated content, such as articles and blog posts, allows for the text to be optimized with pertinent keywords that can attract visitors to your site. Articles on your site can also be shared on social media pages to attract more visitors and to get them to click into your website to learn more.

The more informative and valuable the content published on your website is – that pertains to your genre or industry – the greater authority potential your website will have. The more that your website discusses a particular topic helps your business or persona become a stronger authority. It helps you and/or your company to become viewed as an expert in your field. It can work to generate more trust and loyalty within your targeted audience.


Content Creation Pricing

  • $40/Month
  • Monthly

  • Content created once a month and shared on social media.
  • $35/Week
  • Weekly

  • Content created once a week and shared on social media.
  • $50/Week
  • 2x Weekly

  • Content created twice a week and shared on social media.
  • $45/Each
  • Custom

  • Content created by request and shared on social media.


  • It is necessary to include supporting graphics and/or photographs that are enticing and related to the subject of each article. Custom graphics can be created for an additional fee or we can use stock images that range from $4-$8 each and are licensed for use. We also welcome original client supplied images.
  • Discounts are available for those who sign up for 6 months or more!
  • If your website does not currently have a “blog” or “news” section, we can discuss adding one for you.
  • If your website was designed 3 or more years ago, it may be a good time for a website refresh, or a new design.

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