Facebook Business Pages: Verification Important to Online Ranking

As discussed previously in our posts, having a secure and mobile-friendly website is key to obtaining better search engine ranking online. Now add to this to the list – Facebook Page Verification.

Just as your web browser checks into whether your website has a real person or business behind it, so do many social media providers.

Facebook offers Page Verification for its Business Pages that have a published physical address. According to Facebook, the certification of authenticity will also improve your business pages’ ranking within online search results.

Verified Facebook pages receive a gray “check mark” icon that signals that Facebook confirmed it as an Authentic Page. The symbol will appear to the right of the business page name.

The process of verification is simple. If you can be available to answer your business number as you have it listed, then the steps can be completed in just a few minutes.

1. Login to your Facebook Business Page.

2. Click on “Settings” next to “Help” on the top right of the page.

3. From the “General” section page, click on “Page Verification” – the third option down.

4. Click “Verify this Page”.

5. Enter your publicly listed business phone number, optional extension, your country, and your preferred call language.

6. Click on “Call Me Now” to allow Facebook to call you with your specific Verification Code.

7. Once you hear the Code, enter the 4-digits and click “Submit”.

After Facebook has received your Verification Code, they will review your information to confirm that it matches the public records. Facebook will send you an email notification or message regarding your verification status within several minutes (or within a day or two if they are really busy). While you are not required to verify your page, it is helpful for your online ranking and building consumer trust.

If your page or profile is for a public figure, media company, journalist, sports team member, entertainment figure, or government official – your Verified Facebook page can receive a blue “check mark” icon.

To have Facebook confirm your page as an Authentic Page you will need to submit an electronic copy of your Passport, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, or any Articles of Incorporation (if you represent a media, entertainment or sports company). They will also ask you to provide a link to your official website as applicable.

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