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Website Security: More Important Now Than Ever

We are now reaching the point where having a secure website is an imperative. There were more than 178 million records on Americans that were exposed in cyberattacks in 2015. According to The Identity Theft Resource Center’s Data Breach Report, 901 breaches with access to…

Posted by Jerri Gingrich in Web Design, Services on Dec 12, 2016

Client Showcase: Terry Lauderdale Soars To New Heights!

We enjoy giving to, and promoting, causes and individuals that move us. In this post, we wish to share our appreciation to a longtime friend – who will soon be getting a brand new modern website designed by GINGALLEY. A big fan of all things…

Posted by Jerri Gingrich in Showcase on Sep 29, 2016

Promotional Goods: Online On Demand Printing

We often get requests from our clients for small quantities of printed promotional items such as t-shirts or mugs – but their budget just isn’t ready for the expense of minimum order quantities, set up fees, and bulk shipping. Sometimes a small business owner just…

Posted by Jerri Gingrich in Marketing, Printing, Services on Mar 10, 2016