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GINGALLEY Now Offers 3D Printing

This is exciting news for us to share with our Clients! We are thrilled to announce that, in addition to all of our other vast printing options – we now have the capability of bringing your 3D ideas to life! 3D Printing is the ideal…

Posted by Jerri Gingrich in Printing, Services on May 12, 2015

GINGALLEY: New & Improved Website Launched!

Here it is 2015, and we have redesigned our website again to better showcase our services, our processes, and our work. Our updated website allows potential clients to send inquiries or to request a consultation through the use of our contact form or via our…

Posted by Jerri Gingrich in Web Design on Apr 28, 2015

Logo Design

A logo design that is attractive and creates a lasting impression is a successful one. Beautifully simple, colorful, or iconic; a logo becomes the face of the company that it represents. It is the foremost effective marketing tool that a business can have. The task…

Posted by GINGALLEY in on Jan 20, 2015

Type Hype: Tips for Typography and Design

The purpose of this article is not only to help our Clients and other Designers to adhere to proper typography guidelines, but to also relieve the stress on my own eyes. My eyes are not perfect, but I am constantly bombarded by ads and images…

Posted by Jerri Gingrich in Graphic Design on Feb 12, 2013