For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee You Can Look Professional Online

A typical website can cost as little as $600 to upwards of $250,000. The average website for a small business owner falls to just around $3000. For a typical small business website that includes pages such as: Home, About Us/Bio, Services & Rates, Client Testimonials, Gallery, Articles, Contact Us, Request a Quote, Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Graphics, e-mail & mailing list integration, along with current Social Media links — that $3000 is a wise investment.

Did you know the average website has a typical lifespan of just 2-3 years? That is because new HTML standards, web application technologies, search engine criteria, and mobile devices all demand upgrades and updates in order to work properly across multiple platforms. Does $3000 sound like a lot to you? Imagine the leads you could capture and impress with a professional website.

In fact, if you break it down, that equates to just $2.80 per day over the average website’s lifespan. That’s about the cost of a good cup of coffee and keeps your Website Designer’s computers running.

You could make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day in sales from that $2.80 a day website. For merely $20 a week, you can have a 24/7 sales generator.

Now, isn’t that worth it to you and your Business?