Great Logos Stand Out!

The most important design aspect for your company is your Logo.

The best logo design communicates your message and sets you apart from the rest. It sets the tone for all of the other designs and graphics used on your website and marketing materials.

There are several important details to consider during the logo creation process:

  • Unique and Distinctive – Make your business stand out from the rest. Clean, crisp, and bold logos are easily recognizable.
  • Size and Aspect Ratio – This determines the overall size and layout – horizontal, vertical, or rounded. A logo that is too long may not fit well on all of your marketing materials or letterhead in a pleasing way.
  • Icons – Avoiding the use of “clip art”, you may be able to capitalize on an icon that is relevant to your business.
  • Target Audience Appeal – Think about what would appeal to your client and what colors would enhance their feeling towards your brand.
  • Impact – A logo can make an effect on the viewer’s mood or appeal to a perceived want or need, much like the smell of bacon makes one hungry.
  • Repetition and Consistency – Show off your logo as much as possible on business cards, website ads, signage, and other advertising. The more it is seen by the public the better.
  • Tag Line Relevance – A catchy tag line can enhance the value of your business name if it adds to the impact.
  • 3 Types of Logos: Text, Symbol, and Combined – Some logos can be just a single word, while others may add an icon and a tag line.
  • File Format and Vectors – You will want to have your logo created as a hi-res file of 300dpi or more, and a black & white version as well. It is important for your logo to be able to appear crisp and clean on your website and printed materials as RGB (web) and CMYK (print).
  • Avoid Photographs – Photographs are often too detailed to be incorporated into a sharp logo. A vector graphic is best to portray an intended image as this format enables it to be scaled up or down and not lose resolution.
  • Trust in a designer who has experience in Printing – Avoid future headaches with a logo that is print ready. This will lessen added costs when it comes time to use your logo on a letterhead or web banner ad. An experienced designer will be able to supply you with the best file formats to fit your needs.