Respond To The Device… With A Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a fairly new approach to web design in which a site is created to respond to a wide range of devices. It is now imperative to provide an optimal viewing experience with the ability to browse the internet on smartphones and tablets with the same clarity and ease as browsing the web on a desktop computer.

As a very important part of any marketing campaign or website design; logos, icons, and images must be created to be as flexible as possible to guarantee graphics appearing on high pixel-density device screens look as sharp as possible. Images that are improperly scaled can appear blurry and unprofessional.

At GINGALLEY, we create responsive websites that can be viewed on a multitude of devices and screens. We can help you too. If your website has not been updated for more than two years, it is an important time to get a new Responsive Web Design.

We also offer a  very affordable small business package for anyone starting out that includes a very professional logo, tagline, website Domain Name, integrated Email address using their business Domain Name (such as Joe@MyBusinessName.com as just an example), 1000 quality glossy Business Cards, Website Hosting, integrated Social Media, creation of Social Media pages, SEO, and an attractive modern Responsive Website.

A “mom-and-pop” ourselves, we have learned a lot about the struggles and pitfalls many businesses can face when starting out. As a business, we have helped many entrepreneurs get a foothold in the marketplace with professional logos, graphics, websites, and printed materials – all within their budget.

It is our pleasure to actually help people rather than just make money and run. It’s important to teach new business owners how they can have a professional image online and offline that can serve them for years and years.

Our passion is creating overall branding for our clients that represents their business, persona, market segment, and budget. Market research and analysis of the competition is part of our process for each client. We write professional and useful content to showcase expertise while being search engine friendly. While many website designers leave the content to the client or use old methods such as “keyword stuffing”; our writing services are specifically catered to the target audience and concise details that the top search engines will index.

There are website designers that cannot write well, designers who use clip art and outdated SEO methods, graphic designers who do not know how to make websites, and there are those out there who just want to make a quick buck… and a quick mess of your project.

GINGALLEY ensures that all of the graphic designs, written content, printed materials, and peripherals that are made support a congruent marketing message, image, and branding initiative for each customer.

If we can help anyone get their idea off the ground, and help someone support themselves, it means the world to us.

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