Copywriting Service


GINGALLEY offers complete professional copywriting and content marketing services for your business.

Having a knowledgeable writer at your service allows your branding and message to be clearly and concisely communicated online and in print.

For any website, the Copywriter also becomes your SEO Specialist.

Search Engine Optimization begins with the words within your website content. The major Search Engines all use specific algorithms that seek out only quality website content. The writing must appeal to the viewer as well as contain relevant search term information to improve organic SEO.

It is helpful and informative website content that keeps visitors referring back to it. Online content is not just limited to websites – it is also necessary to have concise and readable Blog Posts, Articles, Press Releases, Newsletters, and Social Media Posts.

Content Marketing covers the overall branding identity of an organization or project on the internet as well as in print. It is simply the basis of how a business communicates effectively with potential customers and existing supporters.

Professional Copywriting makes you and your business stand out as experts in the field.

Our Copywriting Services are not just for websites, but for any written material your business or project may require. Good writing as part of a comprehensive Content Marketing strategy attracts the target audience with proper grammar, tense, tone, color, and carefully selected fonts.

Your branding identity shall be evident throughout the entire marketing campaign and all promotional materials. Your company’s persona and mission should be continuously reflected in all related manuals, articles, biographies, and descriptions.

Whether informative, persuasive or technical writing is required – our Copywriting Services can help you.

Our Copywriting Service includes:

  • Website Content Writing
  • Website Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Brochure & Booklet Copy
  • Announcements
  • email Newsletter Copy
  • Training Guides
  • Social Media Updates
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Procedures & Processes
  • Quality Manuals
  • Product Descriptions
  • Packaging Text
  • Biographies
  • Business Forms