Web Design

let our professional web design experience work for you

With professional web design experience spanning over two decades, GINGALLEY is committed to helping you get the most out of your website. We believe in tailoring each and every website we create to the exact needs of the client and their business.

Our cost-effective web design strategies allow businesses to create an impressive digital presence no matter where they are located. From web hosting and website marketing to custom layouts, eCommerce tools, content management systems, responsive web designs, graphics optimization, content generation and SEO – we cover it all! Let us help you make your professional web dreams a reality.

Your website is a powerful tool of visual communication. It is the virtual face of your company or project to the entire World.

Our web design services can help you create a winning brand identity, or refine an existing website. We offer comprehensive support to our clients through every stage of the creative process. Our eye-catching designs are tailored with intuitive navigation and smartly optimized speed – helping businesses enhance their image, reach new customers, boost sales figures and maximize success!

When you partner with GINGALLEY, you gain the expertise and reliability of top-tier web design experts – so your project is sure to exceed expectations!

GINGALLEY can help you secure a new domain name or facilitate a transfer of your existing domain.

We assist clients in obtaining a domain name that will suit their needs and represent them well online. If a URL is already claimed by someone else, we can help you to creatively choose an alternate domain name or obtain another TLD (top-level domain such as .net, .biz, as well as many others).

We will monitor your domain name renewal date closely so you don’t have to. We also set up email accounts to use with your website address and maintain all of the technical aspects that come with owning a domain name.

Your wonderful website is nothing if no one can see it! Keeping your website up and running requires a reliable web host and the technical experience to maintain it.

Hosting solutions for your website can be customized to meet the size and bandwidth your site requires. Our dedicated server is eco-friendly and is powered by 100% renewable and clean wind energy.

We provide affordable hosting plans with a support system that ensures your website will continue running smoothly. We personally monitor it for you 24/7/365.

Search Engine Optimization services cover a vast range of techniques and applications to increase traffic to your website with the goal of generating sales.

Your SEO plan will be customized to your needs and your budget. We employ our creative methods for you to keep costs as low we can whenever possible, and we offer programs for ongoing SEO maintenance and website marketing growth.

Search engine submissions, lead generation, keyword density statistics, pay-per-click programs, and other online marketing tools are used within various SEO campaigns.

Facebook, Instagram, Threads, LinkedIn, and YouTube are just some of the social media networks that we can help you with.

We create custom graphics and set up social pages for you, link them to your website, and assist you in generating attractive content to share on them.

We have social media marketing plans that can be customized for your target audience. Social Media Marketing encompasses using word of mouth, blog and article sharing, customer engagement, promotional programs and social bookmarking.

As Google advertising experts, we can help you with an effective Google Ad campaign to fit your budget and increase visits to your website.

The program is very flexible and works based upon choosing specific keywords and geographical location for your target market.

Through the use of short, creative, and persuasive ads, your business, product, or service will be seen by thousands in Google search and their display channel partners — ultimately generating new leads and sales.

With a Google Ads account, tracking tools make it a breeze for you to measure and increase sales as a direct result of your online ads.

Sample Website Design Pricing

Please Contact Us for a custom quotation.

  • $1800/ -
  • Basic
    • Domain Name Registration
    • 3 Months of Hosting
    • email Setup
    • SSL
    • Basic 1-3 Page Website

  • $2900/ -
  • Business Starter
    • Domain Name Registration
    • 3 Months of Hosting
    • email Setup
    • SSL
    • Scalable 5-8 Page Website

  • $3500+/ mo
  • Business Pro
    • Domain Name Registration
    • 3 Months of Hosting
    • email Setup
    • SSL
    • Scalable 15-20 Page Website

  • $4000+/ mo
  • E-Commerce
    • Domain Name Registration
    • email Setup
    • Credit Card Setup
    • TLS Installation
    • Starting with up to 50 Products

Additional Web Design Services

  • Photography
  • Audio and Video
  • Web Consulting
  • Facebook™ Design
  • Instagram™ & Threads™ Design
  • YouTube™ Design