Website Management Service

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date and Optimally Managed

At GINGALLEY, we use a cutting-edge system to swiftly and securely access your website. Our Website Management Service (WMS) provides us with 24/7 monitoring, updates, and maintenance—even when we’re away from the office—which is rare*. By incorporating an advanced program like this along with our Web Hosting Service, we can ensure that all websites on our dedicated server remain as secure against malicious hackers or security breaches as possible. With this in mind, our Clients can rest assured that their website is protected against any potential threats around the clock.

Our WMS system not only helps to keep your website secure but also provides reliable updates to your website’s plugins and CMS core, ensuring that all customer websites are up-to-date with the latest features and technologies available. We are always working to ensure that customer websites are running optimally and providing the best user experience possible.

But wait! There’s more. With our WMS, we back up your website daily. We literally have back-ups of back-ups! So, there is no need to worry if your website self-implodes from a massive spike in popularity. With our WMS, no matter what happens, we’ve got you covered! Your site will be restored as good as new at the click of a mouse. So go ahead and get those clicks rolling without fear!

With our advanced website management system, we strive to provide the best website maintenance, security, and reliability, so you can focus on growing your business and doing what you do best!

*Mobile updates on our smart phones and tablets do not include adding / removing / editing photos, graphics, or videos as we would need to use certain programs that are not on our mobile devices.

Our Client Website Management Service Includes:

Fast access to your website when timing is critical

Daily updates to plug-ins, widgets, and themes

Immediate upgrades to CMS (Content Management System) core application

The ability to make small updates to your website quickly and efficiently

Instant email and SMS notifications for monitoring website’s downtime (if any)

Traffic alerts to monitor traffic spikes

Daily scheduled database back-ups

Daily & weekly full-site backups

One-click restore capabilities

On-going bug fixes and troubleshooting

Emergency Response for urgent repairs, maintenance, and hacking attacks

Google Analytics for website performance and tracking (reports and statistics provided upon request)

Advanced Security Features:

Brute force protection limits failed login attempts to your website

Ban host and user accounts who attempt to login to your website

Block harmful IP addresses and login restrictions

File change detection with instant email alerts

‘Always on’ SSL encryption for our Control Panel (increases security when logged into your website)

Monitor and report malware attacks

Quick access to error logs and intrusion detection

Strong password enforcement