Website Management Service


Keep your website up-to-date and optimally managed

At GINGALLEY, we use a streamlined system to access and manage your website fast, efficiently, and securely. We can access, monitor, update, and perform maintenance and minor changes even when we are away from our office.* This service also provides for the ability to keep all of our websites upgraded to the newest revisions of plug-ins, widgets, web applications, and security protocols.

Our Website Management Service employs programs that allow us to manage websites within a highly secure location or interface. It is an important tool for keeping the security for all of our customer websites as strong as possible. The recent increase of scheming hackers, security breaches, and search engine browser flaws makes protecting every client’s website a top priority for us.

*Mobile updates on our smart phones and tablets do not include adding / removing / editing photos, graphics, or videos as we would need to use certain programs that are not on our mobile devices.

Our Client Website Management Service includes:

  • Fast access to your website when timing is critical
  • Daily updates to plug-ins, widgets, and themes
  • Immediate upgrades to CMS (Content Management System) core application
  • The ability to make small updates to your website quickly and efficiently
  • Instant e-mail and SMS notifications for monitoring website’s downtime (if any)
  • Traffic alerts to monitor traffic spikes
  • Daily scheduled database back-ups
  • Weekly full-site backups
  • One-click restore capabilities
  • On-going bug fixes and troubleshooting
  • Emergency Response for urgent repairs, maintenance, and hacking attacks
  • Google Analytics for website performance and tracking (reports and statistics provided upon request)

Advanced Security features:

  • Brute force protection limits failed login attempts to your website
  • Ban host and user accounts who attempt to login to your website
  • Block harmful IP addresses and login restrictions
  • ‘Always on’ SSL encryption for our Control Panel (increases security when logged into your website)
  • File change detection with instant email alerts
  • Monitor and report malware attacks
  • Quick access to error logs and intrusion detection