Website Monitoring & Maintenance: Keeping Fresh & Staying Current

Your website is important. Within an increasingly digital World, the internet is THE place to put information about your business and what products or services you offer.

Like a storefront or office building – your website also needs maintenance or it too gets dusty, cracked, and falls down. Your website is the face of your company online. Like a fresh coat of paint, new locks, or an updated façade – maintaining your website keeps it relevant, secure, working properly, and looking good.

Automobiles and other transport vehicles require regular maintenance and repairs to continue to run properly. This is also true for websites. Website plugins and broken links can stop working when an upgrade becomes available. Cars are becoming safer and more fuel efficient every day, websites need to become more secure and efficient as well.

Web application technologies, search engine criteria, and mobile devices all demand upgrades and updates in order to work properly across multiple platforms. At GINGALLEY our Website Management Service is an important tool for keeping the security of our customer websites as strong as possible.

Our Clients may choose to pay for this valuable service monthly or yearly. The process allows an enhanced ability to maintain the site with the latest revisions of plug-ins, widgets, web applications, and security protocols. It helps us routinely check that client information forms and contact forms continue to work properly. We also monitor your website and review error logs, attacks, intrusions, backups and reports.

Imagine the leads you could capture and impress with a professional working website. We have affordable small business packages available for anyone starting out that can include: logo design, domain name registration, email setup, business card printing, web hosting, social media pages, SEO, and a modern mobile-friendly website. We can help you too. Contact Us to get started.