Can You Smell the Fresh Content? Search Engines and Customers Can!

Stale bread might get the mouse, but stale content doesn’t get the click. Regularly posting new and informative content onto your website helps to not only keep visitors interested and provide shareable news for your social media pages – it also helps with your website’s organic SEO.

It is a helpful marketing tactic to create and share new content. It can be a simple blog post about your business adding new staff, machines, or services – or it can be an article about something that affects your overall industry. You can also use your website to announce milestones, customer accolades, and awards or good deeds. No matter what you may wish to post about, it all helps your business generate further online visibility.

Consider all the ways people find your website. Someone might type your domain name into their browser after receiving your business card or hearing a referral, but how do you attract online visits by those who have never heard of you or your business before?

There are pay-per-click programs and the paid placement of ads on various directories and news media pages. These options can be very helpful, but can also add up in cost. Once you have spent your monthly advertising budget, the traffic often decreases as well.

Each time an update is made to your website, the search engines take notice and re-arranges your site’s ranking as they reassess your page’s position on their indexes. The major Search Engines all use specific algorithms that seek out only quality website content. The content of your article should be appealing to the viewer, as well as contain relevant search terms and pertinent keywords to improve organic SEO.

GINGALLEY offers complete professional copywriting and content marketing services for your business.

Informative and valuable content that pertains to your industry, and published on your website, increases the authority potential your website will have. The more that your website discusses a particular topic, it helps you to become viewed as an expert in your field. When potential customers are searching to find information and answers, and an article comes up from your website, they become more likely to contact you for your product or service. They may cross over into choosing your company because you came across to them as knowledgeable and helpful.

You don’t have to do this alone. While you are busy running your company and servicing your customers, we are here to research, write, design, post, and share relevant articles and create content. Even if you just want to announce a special deal or a new product – you only have to provide a few pertinent details and we’ll do the rest for you!

We work to ensure that all of of your graphic designs, written content, and printed materials are made to support a strong marketing identity and message. Helping businesses like yours grow is what makes us happy. Contact us to learn more about how fresh website content can be created especially for your business.