Promotional Goods: Online On Demand Printing

We often get requests from our clients for small quantities of printed promotional items such as t-shirts or mugs – but their budget just isn’t ready for the expense of minimum order quantities, set up fees, and bulk shipping.

Sometimes a small business owner just needs 5 shirts – not 36, 72, or 144 pieces.

We have launched a new online store on our website which allows for small quantities of items to be printed on demand. The platform allows for the placement of orders as small as just 1 item! This easy online ordering of shirts, totes, and mugs – printed with our client’s logo and/or tagline – is just one way we work towards keeping our client’s costs down. It also helps to create free advertising for them too!

This service is completely FREE for our clients. We will use the sales proceeds of the goods to continue purchasing stock and to regularly maintain the online shopping program. Clients only pay for what they personally choose to order. That’s it!

Want your own store set up on your own website that we have designed for you? As our client, we will have your branding identity and market segment already within our focus. This makes it easy for us to help you choose the goods and styles that would best represent your brand to your customers. Special requests are also considered, and if a larger order quantity of a particular item is needed, just contact us and we can offer bulk order pricing as well.

We have partnered with a Direct to Garment printer who also prints on mugs, posters, leggings, and even pillows.

brother-DTG-GT3Direct To Garment Printing – also known as: DTG Printing, Digital Direct to Garment Printing, Digital Apparel Printing, and Inkjet to Garment Printing – is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized and modified inkjet technology.

Much like screen printing, which has been the staple of t-shirt printing for decades, Direct to Garment printing offers a high-quality print. Although DTG is a fairly new printing process, the technology has advanced tremendously in the past few years alone. We can stand behind these products with the utmost confidence in their sustainability in the merchandising market. When the eco-friendly inks are printed on quality garments with high-resolution graphics – the results are awesome!

The standard DTG printing process is best suited for garments that are 100% cotton if you’re looking for the most opaque result. Other fabric blends can be included, but they may display the print as a shade or two lighter and not as solid – choices will depend on the anticipated design effect desired.

Our printing-on-demand program includes online ordering, credit card processing, fast production times, and drop shipping directly to the buyer’s door!




Print-on-Demand currently includes the items below, but new products are being added all the time.

Shirts (T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts)

Pet T-shirts


Canvas Prints

Coffee Mugs


Tote Bags


Embroidered Caps and Beanies*

*Digitizing fees apply


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Your Brand On Demand

Our passion has always been our work – creating overall branding identities for our clients that represent their business, their persona, and their market segment – all while staying within their budget. It is our pleasure to truly help people rather than just try to make money and run.

At GINGALLEY, we ensure that all of the graphic designs, written content, printed materials – and other peripherals that are made – support a congruent message and marketing initiative for each individual customer.

Ready for your promo items to be displayed on our website, or are you ready for your own online promo shop to be added to your website? Contact Us for a consultation and to get started on your project today!

We will design beautiful custom graphics for you and assist you in choosing the right apparel for your business – and especially for your target audience.