Win With Professional Campaign Materials From GINGALLEY

When you are running for any office or position in the public arena, it is important to stand out in the public eye. We offer affordable advertising methods to kick off your successful campaign.

Custom printed campaign signs are one of the best ways to advertise and promote yourself or your business. As people see your name and logo, they are subliminally remembering you everywhere they go.

Waterproof, durable, and lightweight – our 4mm Coroplast Campaign Road and Yard Signs are an ideal way to announce your name. Placed in visible locations with steel H-stake holders, your signs can endure the rain and sunshine throughout the duration of your campaign.

Typical sizes for the signs are: 12 x 18, 18 x 24, 9 x 24, and 24 x 36. The size should be determined by the aspect ratio of your name, campaign logo, and tagline. Simply Contact Us for your quote today!

Everyone loves to get a little extra something.

Other printed promotional items can be included as free gifts or as fund-raising products. The higher the quality and more attractive the design – the better. Eye-catching graphics are essential to getting noticed and remembered, especially with so many candidates often competing for the same position. Other more costly advertising options like radio spots and newspaper ads can make it tough to see a return on your campaigning expenses.

Promotional Giveaways

GINGALLEY can help you get noticed with custom designed and printed signs, banners, stickers, buttons, door hangers, and postcards. We could also provide you with printed pens, koozies, buttons, t-shirts, magnets, flags, and more!

Thank You Gifts

Give your customers a positive feeling by offering a custom item as a gift with their donation. It lets them know they are appreciated, and will get your campaign more exposure each time they use it. Give your current supporters or volunteers a free promotional item to show your gratitude. It is a small token that can encourage others to spread positive comments about you. They will happily wear or use their free item and promote you at the same time.

Identify Your Staff. Brand Your Team.

Show off your staff, committee, or team with custom-printed shirts, hats, or buttons that distinguish your name and platform apart from the rest. Custom t-shirts can effectively convey a professional image for a whole group.

We will design professional custom graphics and assist you in choosing the right items for your effort.

Helping people succeed drives our passion. Contact Us for a consultation and to get started on your project today!