About Us

We are a dedicated team of marketing professionals.

GINGALLEY LLC (otherwise known as GINGALLEY Web Design & Promotions or simply GINGALLEY) offers Professional Website Design, Custom Graphics, and Printing Services for advertising your business.

Established in 1998 by Chris Gingrich and his wife Jerri, GINGALLEY helps people and provides business owners with professional marketing materials online and offline.

Chris and Jerri have helped many entrepreneurs get a foothold in the marketplace while working within their budget. They found a shared passion in creating websites and marketing strategies for those in need of quality design and great customer service. Their combined knowledge and experience in art, business, marketing, and technology makes them a strong and reliable team.

We’d love to be at your service!

It is our pleasure to create an overall branding strategy for you that represents your business, persona, and mission.

All of your website, graphic designs, written content, and printed materials should support a congruent marketing message. Target market research and analysis of your competition is also an important part of our process.

We will write professional and compelling content to showcase your expertise. Our writing services are specifically crafted to speak to your target audience. We will use techniques that will help the top search engines and potential clients locate your business online.

Providing quality services and materials is our priority. We pay attention to the details to make your marketing mission  a success.

If we can help anyone get their idea off the ground, help someone support themselves, or help a business grow and create jobs – it truly means the World to us!

—Chris & Jerri


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