We are greatly pleased when we receive positive feedback. We pride ourselves on making each client successful while building long-term relationships.

I have been in the entertainment business for 20 years and it seems I’ve had as many Webmasters. Since I started working the GINGALLEY, the thought of switching has never crossed my mind. Creative, dependable and honest. Without a doubt my best connection to the virtual world ever.

—Steve Selak (Selak Entertainment, Inc.)

GINGALLEY Web Design & Promotions really brought my website up to a whole other level! I get compliments almost daily on how good our website looks and how easy it is to navigate.

—Jason McCormick (Karate World Surfside Beach)

GINGALLEY are creative Geniuses! I book many shows and concerts around the Bay Area. All I have to do is give GINGALLEY all the show details and then I let them do their thing. Their posters are always eye catching, creative and colorful. Even in a pinch when I need something in a rush, they ALWAYS come through for me. I don’t know what I would do without them.

—Lynda Mortensen (Bay Area Pet Pals & Bay Area Tributes)

GINGALLEY is among the most professional and thorough website design companies, of which I’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with. They built and have maintained the HOT FOR TEACHER website since 2000 among several other projects. Given the fact that HOT FOR TEACHER has numerous updating and detail driven needs, GINGALLEY has handled them all, in a timely and fiscally-wise manner. Our website and the team of GINGALLEY have been instrumental in moving my band from a local Northern California tribute, to a nationally acclaimed rock tribute with their innovative ideas in all aspects of our website including: photography, videography, audio, biography, flyer design, general counseling, and brainstorming. I would highly recommend GINGALLEY to any individual, small or corporate business!

—Randy Monroe (Professional Musician & School Teacher)

Chris & Jerri take care of our website and help us maximize our profile on the web. Since working with them we've noticed more inquiries from new clients and have gotten more business. We enjoy working with them!

—Craig Behrhorst (TNT’s Custom Screen Printing)

Chris and Jerri have been so sweet and patient with me learning how to create and use my webpage. I was someone who does not understand the back scene behind a webpage. I have learned so much working with them. They are the absolute best to work with.

—Nola Meyers, REALTOR®

5⭐️ I can’t say enough good things about Chris and Jerri. If you are looking for a company to take your business to the next level with their hands-on approach these are your guys. I wouldn’t have had it any other way I really wanted a company that would help me through the process from start to finish and help promote my business and they haven’t let me down at all. They are very easy to deal with and really truly want you to succeed. I have recommended them and I will continue to recommend them. Chris and Jerri are an awesome team! 5⭐️

—Michael Burns (Crystal Shine Refinishing, Crystal Shine Custom Woodworks, Sea Salt Coffee Co.)

The GINGALLEY team designed some really unique electronic and print items for a corporate event we hosted, and absolutely nailed the look and feel of what we were going for. I’ll also add that we came to them in a bit of a time crunch, but they were able to turn things around quickly to hit our deadline. Great service, great creativity and overall a great experience. Thanks again!

—Mike Brunner (VMware)

Chris and Jerri are a “NO HEADACHE” operation. Efficient, timely, reliable, artistic, resourceful and a pleasure to work with. These qualities are hard to come by in this day of age.

—Jadon Figuerido (Artist Relations – Burnin’ Burro Studios)

A shout out to GINGALLEY for helping me put together a successful trade show in Myrtle Beach, SC. With very little notice, they managed to get all of our printed materials complete in time for the show! They are the true example of a personal touch. So, if you need website design or anything to promote your business, call GINGALLEY. Let them help you get your business in the right direction for a very fair price.

—Anthony Springer (ecoTub Solutions, Take It Away Tony!, Fix It For Me Tony!)

I’m very particular about my guitars, guitar strings, and amplifiers – and it’s no different with GINGALLEY… I only use the best!

—Terry Lauderdale (Professional Musician)

GINGALLEY are a crucial part of our Marketing Team! There is absolutely no freakin’ way that we could compete in the line of business that we’re in without GINGALLEY’s demonstrably effective expertise and analytical acumen that puts us in front of as many eyes as possible resulting with qualified hits to our company website. GINGALLEY took our website from 0 to 60 in the shortest time possible after we provided just some sketchy details of what we thought we were looking for. GINGALLEY embellished our initial skeletal concepts beyond our wildest expectations and produced an extremely attractive and effective Web Site for our company. We’ve been absolutely thrilled with their attention to detail and timely responses to our immediate needs for our frequent Website updates. In addition we highly value his continual input and candid suggestions of how we might even still improve upon the perfection that he has provided for us in our Website. Obviously there’s a billion web design companies out there. We will never trust our particular industry web design to any body else or to any other company. There is no “else-where” for us… as we’ve found everything we could possibly ever need for our web marketing campaign right here with GINGALLEY.

—Kelly Allred (Top Notch Talent & Entertainment)

Very professional web design and implementation services by people who listen to their clients, take the time to understand their business models and strategies, and flexibly and competently work with the client to get the job done. The combination of technical and artistic capabilities makes GINGALLEY unique to most comparable design and IT implementation firms, and their range of capabilities stands out especially in the Myrtle Beach area. GINGALLEY helped the Vintage Sunglasses Shop with a range of photographic and design services, and whenever we had a question – even one that went beyond their specific scope of services – they never hesitated to help out and make contributions.

—Bill Cline (Vintage Sunglasses Shop)

GINGALLEY have played a major roll with the promotions for Echo of Souls. With fresh and original ideas and a totally pro work ethic; you can’t go wrong with using their services. We are completely satisfied customers… Thanks again GINGALLEY!

—Aaron Leigh (Professional Musician)

Before hooking up with GINGALLEY, our website was really out of date and the guy running it would do little to keep it current with updates and all the other minutia that needed to be done. With GINGALLEY, we now have access to our site and the ability to keep all of our information constantly updated. GINGALLEY rules and makes killer show flyers as well!

—Stephen Henderson (AAA Swimming Pool Service)